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The Five "Whys" of Quantum Creation

by Robin Silverman


krishnaOf all the engaging concepts I have learned in the past year, none intrigues me more than the *5 whys* that are part of the Value Stream Mapping process I now teach to our healthcare partners. When it's used in manufacturing or healthcare, the idea is to drill down to the root core of a problem. In other words, you observe a process that isn't working well, and you say, *Why is it done that way?* When you get the answer, you ask again, *Well, why is that?* When you get to your fifth time of asking the same question, you either feel like an annoying three-year-old or you've found the fly in the ointment.

As I used the five *Whys?* I realized that they can be used in an entirely different way--to create something four-dimensionally and have it appear synchronistically in your experience. The five *Whys?* are perfect for creating clarity when you're thinking of doing something new, or for getting you out of a feeling of lack or frustration.

Here's how it works: Take any desire. Let's say that you want a promotion at work. So you'd start by asking, *Why do I want this promotion?*

Your answer might be, *Because I'm ready for more responsibility,* or, *I want more money,* or *because I like what that other department is doing and I want to be part of it* or *because deep down, I know I can be a good leader.*

Take your initial answer, and ask again. For example: *Why do you want more responsibility?* or *Why do you want more money?* or *Why do you like what that department is doing?* or *Why do you think you can be a good leader?*

Then you answer the new question. *Because I'm not challenged in my present work* or *because I don't want to be in debt* or *because I don't like some of the people I work with* or *because I don't like the person who's leading us now.*

Here's where things start to get tricky. You don't want to use this process to try to get rid of what you don't want. It won't work, and in fact, will likely backfire, giving you more of what you don't want. Remember that whatever you focus on in depth and with desire is what you get. So if you start with a negative, you'll want to flip it 180 degrees to create a positive. For instance, instead of saying that you don't like the people you're working with now, you say, *I really like the enthusiasm and teamwork of the other department.*

Stay focused on what you DO want. Start with a good feeling and build on it, embracing what you are FOR, not struggling with what you are against. But here again, there's another trick. It has to be something you believe is possible for you at this time. For instance, people may say that they have a really, really big desire to win the lottery, but few believe that it's possible, considering the odds.

You'll know if you're on the right track by the way you feel. Whenever you resist or disbelieve something, you usually get a tightness somewhere in your body. You start feeling as if you have a headache. It becomes harder to breathe. Your neck tenses, or your shoulders tighten. You get a knot in your stomach, or your intestines take a turn. Your back aches, or your hips feel stiff. Other manifestations of resistance include doubt, depression, anger, fatigue or any symptom other than health and wellness.

This is especially true for people who have desires surrounding what I call *the big three*--health, wealth or a sense of self. So while you might find it easy to say, *I want to get rid of my asthma* and then your *Why?* is *because I don't want to be sick any more,* you short-circuit the process. You can't *not* yourself to where you want to be. You don't want to not be sick--you want to be healthy and well. From an energy standpoint, there's a huge difference. And if you don't believe you can be healthy and well, then you must pick a state that's slightly better than the one you are currently in. You can't focus on lack and get the opposite of it. The idea is to increasingly build towards good feelings, not play in the mud puddle of bad ones.

Then go back to the questioning. *Why would you like more challenges in your work?* *Why do you want to be wealthy?* *Why do you like the people in the new department?* *Why do you think you'll be better liked than the person who's leading that department now?*

By round 4, you should be feeling stronger and more sure of yourself. Look for the physical changes that accompany being on track with yourself and your life--good breathing, glowing skin, clear thinking, feeling comfortable, high energy, good metabolism. *Facing challenges gives me confidence.* *I would like to become more philanthropic so I can do more for the environment,* *The people in that department practice intuiting ideas rather than just planning, and I've always wanted to try that,* or, *I enjoy empowering others and helping them see the best in themselves.*

When you get to round 5, you should be feeling great. *Why do you want to build your confidence?* *Why do you want to help the environment?* *Why do you want to intuit ideas?* *Why do you want to empower others?*

The answers to these questions should start to reveal you at a higher, brighter stage than the ones you gave earlier in this game. They should pour forth from you naturally, without resistance, and without relying on any other person to make them come true for you. As you do this, you send a very clear, pure vibration into the quantum field, and what you desire starts to manifest, although it might not arrive in the form you first imagined. But often, it's even better than what you invented, so get ready to smile!

Can you go on to rounds 6, 7, 8 or more? Of course! If you enjoy the game, keep playing it. The deeper you go, the more energy you pour into your creation. And another thing: at some point, you'll realize that this is about more than just material things or experiences. It becomes about connecting to life at its source, feeling like a conscious co-creator with God, and knowing that you are safe and all is well.

Become a *Whys?* man or woman today, and you'll soon discover that your own inner resources are all you need to make something wonderful happen for you!


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